Meeting the needs of young children and their families requires partnerships with parents and other service providers in the community. Greenvale School is committed to providing comprehensive services, made possible through partnerships and community collaborations, that will facilitate the development of a strong and stable future for the families we serve.

Professional referrals are offered to Greenvale School's families, including developmental screenings and therapies that are offered to children with special developmental needs.  Medical referrals are also provided if health concerns have been identified by Greenvale School’s nursing staff. Greenvale School works with parents and outside service providers to coordinate a plan of care that will best meet the needs of each child.

Greenvale School also helps parents achieve their own success, and is eager to share information about other community opportunities that will be helpful to the families in our care. Examples of referrals include Total Action Against Poverty (TAP)’s vocational training programs, the Turning Point Women’s Shelter, and Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP).