Greenvale School is both a non-profit childcare center and a family support system.  Greenvale School provides a diversity of nurturing, developmentally appropriate early childhood programs for children of parents who work or attend school, with emphasis placed on quality and affordability.  Tuition rates are based on a sliding fee scale and on each family’s ability to pay. 

When a child enrolls at Greenvale School, his or her parents are given a detailed handbook which outlines the services offered and the policies followed, ensuring that all children have a safe, enjoyable educational experience.  Greenvale School has an open door policy and encourages parental involvement. You are welcome to visit and spend time with your child when you can. Most Greenvale School classrooms are equipped with a two-way mirrored window, enabling parents to spend a few minutes watching their child interacting with his classmates or enjoying story time without the child knowing that his parent is outside the door. If you do not have time to visit, we welcome you to call and check on your child any time during the day. 

Core Values & Beliefs

Greenvale School believes that all children, no matter what their race, gender or background, deserve a strong start in life in a safe and nurturing environment. Greenvale's program works to build each child’s independence, and encourages values such as self-respect and respect for others.  No matter what the circumstance or the decision at hand, the needs of the children in our care come first.  Greenvale School's staff members work in partnership with children's parents or primary care-givers, providing information, opportunities, and support that enable parents to improve their child-rearing skills and better guide their child's development. As the pioneer and model of affordable child care in the region, Greenvale School recognizes that its programs are only as effective as the teachers and support staff who bring them to life.  Greenvale School provides fair and competitive salaries while keeping our tuition rates affordable for working families.