Every Child Deserves the Best

Enrollment is open to parents who are either working, attending school or completing a training program.  Special consideration is also given to families that have unique child care needs.


The goal of the program is to strengthen the family unit by helping families concentrate on their jobs, education, and vocational training; by advocating on their behalf; by encouraging them to become more actively involved in their child’s development; and by diminishing their isolation.  Each of these goals is reached through the provision of comprehensive, high quality, affordable, accessible child care programs.


Greenvale School serves children who are 6 weeks through 11 years of age with the following programs:  

  • Developmentally appropriate child care and early childhood education including infant care, toddler programs, and pre-kindergarten
  • Full day summer and holiday programs – for all ages
  • Transportation to and from Greenvale School and several elementary schools
  • On-site speech evaluations, therapy and referrals and other on-site therapeutic services
  • Collaborations with other community service agencies
  • Professional referrals
  • USDA-funded nutrition program that provides 2/3 of each child's daily nutritional requirement
  • Sick child care from a licensed nurse in The Get Well Center
  • TAP Early Head Start and Head Start Partnership


Preventive Health Program: 

  • Daily morning health examination for each child upon arrival at school 
  • Vision screening & hearing tests
  • Free physical examinations
  • On-site medical care
  • Classroom educational programs

Greenvale School participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and following their guidelines for providing a healthy breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack to each child daily. Menus are posted in each classroom as well as om other key areas of the school.  

Greenvale School offers transportation services to the following area schools: Westside Elementary, G.W. Carver Elementary, and East Salem Elementary schools. If your child attends Fairview Elementary School, which is located directly across the street from Greenvale School, our staff will walk your child safely across the street to Fairview in the morning, and will meet him/her in the afternoon to walk back to Greenvale School.  

A trained staff is a critical component in the delivery of high-quality child care services. Greenvale School's staff members are qualified, experienced professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education, and are required to complete regular training hours to ensure best practices in the field.